Shepard Fairey Takes Giant Steps

Thirteen years after starting what he has referred to as an hilariously absurd idea, Shepard Fairey’s Obey Giant sticker campaign has morphed into an art project cum cultural phenomenon with well over a million stickers in circulation, an enormous street presence, and has become a staple of modern pop culture. It all started one afternoon […]

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Hones Its Fangs

“Last year we toured all over the world,” says Jon Spencer as he relaxes at home in New York City. “So this year, we are not touring as much. We have this little string of dates and are trying to work towards another record. Hopefully, by this summer, we’ll be back in the studio.” This […]

Willie Nelson: Red Headed Stranger Hits The Road Again

It’s hard to believe that one of the eminent forces in country music is now nearing 70 years old, but at 67, Wille Nelson has neither become the sanguine voice of nostalgia, nor succumbed to resting on his considerable laurels. In fact, as he continues to push himself in different directions musically, Nelson is as […]

Around The World And Into The Studio With Henry Rollins

If ever there were a blueprint for the intensity of human emotion, Henry Rollins would represent the floor plan of a tight, two-room Tokyo apartment. One that’s housing a family of 11. His mind is as tightly coiled as his brawny exterior – wound to the quick, ready to pounce on any unsuspecting audience. Since […]